“The Six Gifts” Series

A Fictional Family Saga Steeped in Magical Realism

In many families, pain and dysfunction run deep, and the Alfieri family is no exception. Its members are haunted by demons from the past, racked with guilt over missteps and torn apart by misunderstandings. “The Six Gifts” series leads us through the journey each Alfieri family member must take to heal and forgive themselves—and one another.

A mysterious gift the Alfieri’s receive becomes the catalyst for putting their differences behind them. The gift, one that originated with an ancient ancestor, changes their lives forever. Its impact on each member of the family—those long-past and those present—is remarkable. It helps them summon not only the courage to face up to their fears, but also the perseverance to uphold the gift’s wondrous legacy.

As the story unfolds, readers will discover that childhood treasures may have far more significance than imagined, and connections to distant family are much stronger than ever conceived possible. Unquestionably, it becomes clear that this family’s various members are pieces of a puzzle wherein each of their lives fits perfectly into place.

As the family expands through marriages and blood ties, so, too, does its mission. That mission evolves into a sweeping exploration of humankind, one that offers the prospect of a global “makeover,” a second chance, with a critical choice. And what must be chosen is either to repeat the sins of the past or walk hand in hand with one another and with nature, toward a future that teems with hope.